The Rovers Hockey Club originated in the early 1920’s when a local high school commercial teacher, Miss Hooper introduced the game to current students. The game in those days was confined to the school on a social basis. However in 1928 – past and present students officially formed the Rovers Women’s Hockey Club and played matches amongst themselves or visiting teams from other towns.

Original Members were:
Esme Haken (Mrs Roberts)
Laura Mc Greggor (Mrs Muller)
Beryl Bayley (Mrs Watts)
Flo Cooper (Mrs Glasgow)
Phil Hay
Tolley Nellthorpe (Mrs Bulpitt)
Dot Rowe
Violet Mycock (Mrs Entwhistle)
J. Rankin
Madge McCracken (Mrs Aitkenhead)
A. Hamposon
Plyl Scotten (Mrs Renyolds)
I. Walters
Dot Scotten (Mrs Trevor)
N. Walters
Gwen Beaseley (Mrs Messer)
Ilene Heidke (Mrs Emerick)

Many of these pioneers of the game are no longer with us; however, their efforts provided the impetus to establish hockey in our region. First intercity match took place at East End Rec (Olsen Park) in early 1929 when the newspaper reported a large crowd paid 6 shillings gate fees to view the game of Rovers against a strong Kenilworth team which resulted in a 2 all draw.

A women’s association was first formed when on 3rd of May 1933 at the Lewis Brothers Cafe, a meeting of 40 ladies formed Burnett Women’s Hockey Association – consisting of 4 teams from 3 affiliated clubs – Rovers 2 teams and Maroons (Gooburrum) Wattles (Sth Kolan) one team a piece.

The Association’s first official intercity fixture was played against Gympie at Hinkler Park on the 21st of May 1933 – Resulting in a 6-1 win to Bundaberg – many Rovers girls were members of that original team, and they also competed in Brisbane where they played 4 games winning 3 and losing 1.

Rover’s previous historic milestones have paved the way for what is now the oldest Hockey Club in Bundaberg – and this has come about by all the members’ efforts over the years… Here is to many more history making years.